Low Back & Leg

Liquidatinglowbackandlegpain The source and solution for many of the pain issues people complain of in the leg and even the lower back can be traced to a seldom considered issue in the ankle region. Learning how to rapidly screen for the important findings and equally rapidly make the corrections often can yield dramatic improvement in leg and low back complaints. The relationship of how weight is accepted as the foot makes contact with the ground can set in motion altered biomechanics which can then become a source of pain. It seems so obvious when this critical piece of the pain puzzle is found… but it seldom is! It related to a prior injury that goes unreported in virtually all cases. There’s nothing more frustrating to you & your patient than to try everything you think is obvious and then for the patient to still have residual leg and possibly back pain. Did you know, a region in the ankle can adversely affect the following joints if not properly screened and resolved?
  • Foot

  • Knee

  • Hip

  • SI

  • Lower back

In Liquidating Low Back & Leg Pain I will show you how to quickly access and release an area that could have a profound affect on the rest of the body.

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