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John Iams M.A., P.T. President of SuperSpine Inc. and developer of Primal Reflex Release Technique™ presents the brand-new PRRT™ Seminar Bundle


What is The PRRT™ Seminar Bundle?
The PRRT™ Seminar Bundle includes everything that is covered at a live training seminar, packaged in an easy to use, study at your own pace set. We call it the “Bundle” because in addition to all the material you will be receiving, you get FREE access to a live one-day refresher course at your next live training! redbuybutton
I recently purchased Reflex Speed Pain Release™, what is the difference between the two programs?
Reflex Speed Pain Release™ is a great tool for rapid assessment and treatment techniques for 30 different common conditions you see every day. The PRRT™ Seminar Bundle is a must for anyone who is serious about moving forward with PRRT™. It goes into detail about the history, theory, exam and application used in PRRT™. The Bundle includes everything that would normally be covered at a live (Basic level) training.

How is The PRRT™ Bundle like a live training?

The PRRT Basic Bundle is just like the live training except even better as it’s John, the developer of PRRT, teaching you with his 2 decades of experience at your convenience.

Can I see a sample technique?
Absolutely! Please use this in your office/clinic immediately! redbuybutton